Bài 9 - The body - Part A PARTS OF THE BODY( A3,4)

Date of preparing: 29/12/2013
Date of teaching : 03/01/2014

Unit 9: THE BODY- period:59

A. Objectives: After this lesson, students can understand and use adjectives to describe physical appearance.
1. Knowledge:
a. Voc: tall, short, thin, heavy, light
b. Grammar: She is tall.
She is not weak.
Is she tall?
2. Skills: listening, reading, speaking skills
3. Attitude: Ss love and enjoy the subject.
B. Preparation:
Teacher: book, pictures, a cassette, CD player
Students: notebooks, textbooks
C. Procedure:
Greetings- Checking attendance: 6A1:
Checking up the previous lesson: Ask Ss to ask and answer about parts of the body and write some words
New lesson:

Teacher’s and students’ activities

A 3.Listen and repeat .
* Warm up .
-T shows 2 pictures ( big and small ) asks
- Sts to descibe 2 people ( in Vietnamese)
Now, we learn how to describe a
person .
- T uses the pictures to introduce new
-Sts listen
-T plays the tape twice.
-Sts listen and repeat.
-T helps sts write the structure.
Ex : She is tall.
-> S + BE + ADJ
* Practice.
- T shows the pictures and asks the sts to make sentences, using adjectives.
A 4. Which picture ? Listen and choose the right picture .
-T asks sts to describe 4 people in A4 in English.
-Sts describe
-T corrects and plays the tape.
-Ss listen and choose the right picture.

A 3. Listen and repeat

* New words
- tall ( adj ): cao # short (adj): lùn,thấp
- thin ( adj): ốm, gầy # fat (adj ): mập
- heavy(adj ): nặng # light (adj ): nhẹ
- big (adj): to, # small (adj): nhỏ,bé
I am short
She is tall.
-> S + BE + ADJ

A 4. Which picture ? Listen and choose the right picture.

Review the structure: S + BE + ADJ
Sts describe their friends.
5. Homework.
- Write 3 sentenses to describe the people in your family.
Do exercise A3,4
Learn words, grammar by heart.
Prepare Unit 9 ( cont ) A (5,6 )

Drawing experience

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